Building websites since 1999

We are a small workshop manufacturing software solutions for the web as well as general IT like CMDB/ITIL stuff — and we take pride in our craft.

A few of our projects: 2013

Website and CMS for multimedia storytelling. Created for 'Gazeta Wyborcza' — the most influential newspaper in Poland.

AMA 2010

Database and maps mashup, user-generated listing of children-friendly restaurants and cafes. 2013

Video-on-demand hobby service with a subscription model. 2013

A website with silly animated GIFs, browsable by themes and tags, created for the publisher of "Gazeta Wyborcza".

Management role 2012-2013

Mobile version of one of the largest websites in Poland. 2007-2010

Another large portal focussed on Law&Business, managed for three years with great results both in terms of traffic growth and EBIT.

Infor 2006

Restructuring of the segment of the organisation responsible for online development. Introduced proper project management techniques and hired the right people thus putting the company on the road for rapid online growth in the next few years. 2000-2005


Every new project gives us an opportunity to grow ourselves and better understand real world client needs. We have proven we can make things work.

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